Lap 25 Ltd.

Lap 25 is the last lap in a 10,000m race. To win a 10,000m race at the World level has distinct performance requirements. Only by knowing what it takes to win, can you prepare to do so.

Lap 25 Ltd. is built on the premise of using science to enhance the preparation of the best athletes in the Wolrd to perform when it matters most.

Dr Barry Fudge

Barry is currently the Head of Endurance at British Athletics where he has constructed a World-leading endurance program, supporting the best coaches and athletes in the country by ensuring that when a GBR Endurance athlete steps on the start line they are the best-prepared athlete in the field.

The program is built on the motto of ‘Own The Start Line’ and has produced arguably the world’s finest endurance runner of all time in Mo Farah who has won 12 Global medals, including 4 Olympic titles, 6 World titles and 5 European titles. The wide-ranging program also supports the development of athletes through the pathway to future medal success and at the recent World Championships (2017) produced Britain’s best endurance showing since 1988 with 15 finalists, 9 top 8’s and 3 4th place finishes as well as 2 medals.

After spending over a decade with a front row seat to the training of the world’s best endurance athletes, Barry’s current role is to use his considerable skills and experiences to support Britain’s new generation of medal hopefuls to medal success in Tokyo 2020.

Barry holds a Bachelor of Science with first class honors in Physiology and Sport Science as well as a Ph.D. in Physiology from the University of Glasgow, UK.